Senior year can be so stressful! College applications, loads of activities, keeping your grades up, homecoming, prom, college visits, and senior trips.

And on top of everything, you need to have your senior photos taken!

I’m here to help YOU navigate the sometimes confusing world of senior photography! I will help you pick out the right clothes for your photo shoot, I help you to choose the location that best suits your personality, I will pose you in every photo so that you look your best, I won’t let anyone see a photo of you with those dreaded skin blemishes, and I’ll help you pick the best images and the products that work best for your family. My full service boutique photography studio helps to take the stress out of senior photos for BOTH the senior and the parents!

I have a keen eye for detail. If you see me squinting and making a serious face, it’s because I’m creating an entire “scene” for the senior in my mind, just like a film director is directing the scene of a movie. I have a vision, and I’m playing that “scene” out in my mind before I snap the camera shutter. I am visualizing the scene, what is in the foreground and background, how I will pose the senior, how I will light their face to make them look their best, and what camera settings and lens I will use to best create that photograph. Nothing I photograph is by chance. I don’t just snap photos because it “looks pretty.” There is careful consideration taken in every photograph I take.

Having studied fine art for most of my entire life, traveled the world visiting the most famous museums and historic sites, and nurtured a life-long love of old movies and their beautiful cinematography (which culminated in a degree in Film production and Fine Art); my vision for my photographs is artistic and cinematic. My work truly does stand out as unique.

I’m the photographer that dances to a different drum beat. If you want photography work that is different and stands out from the sea of sameness out there, I’m your girl! I would LOVE to work with you! Give me a call at 214-794-6125 or Book Now online 24/7 to get the senior session of your dreams!

And check out the photo of my cute hubby of 8 years, Matthew, along with our beautiful one-year-old daughter, Brynna! Throw in our cute rescue dogs, Inigo and Panda, and we’ve got a nice little family of four! In my spare time, my geek family and I like to attend Comic Book conventions, dress up for Scarborough Faire, and watch sci-fi and fantasy TV shows and movies. 


Shannon Matson Photography primarily serves the communities of Plano, Frisco, Carrollton, Lewisville, Richardson, Allen, Prosper, Dallas, Coppell, Flower Mound, and many others. However, I gladly accept clients from any of the communities in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area (and even from out of state).